I could rave all day about the Ravens – they bring a fresh approach to everything they play, are a joy to work with and they look and sound beautiful!
Jason Lai

My favourite quartet are soulful and filled with life and vitality. They simply ooze music.

I loved working with Raven – they have a lovely sound and bring such a great energy and presence to the stage.
Lee Mead

The members of Raven are without exception extremely talented, fun, gorgeous and nice-smelling.
Tim Minchin

Raven are a delight both on and off stage. Their skillful technique paired with heartfelt musicality make them the perfect choice for either part of an ensemble or as a guest act – or as I do, both!
Jonathan Ansell

I might be biased, but the Raven Quartet are a dynamic group who manage to successfully combine top-class entertainment with innovative interpretations and arrangements. They play wonderfully, give their all with each performance and are absolutely one of a kind.
Nicola Benedetti

Raven are the best-sounding, best-looking, bestest fiddlers in the business.
Guy Chambers